Phone: 318-992-7075

How long making calls:
Since 1994

Influenced by:
James Yule, Doyle Breland and the works of my Great Grandfather Quit Breland (turkey call), Great Uncle Virgil Corley (duck calls), Uncle Franklin Corley (duck calls, decoys) and the beautiful works of many other call and decoy makers. My fascination with ducks and all that goes with them began when I was a toddler and watched ducks in our pond!

Working or Decorative calls:

Trade Name:
Lil' Lake Outdoors but my brand is a "Rocking B" that my Dad and I used for our cattle!
Paul Curtis Breland

Born April 1,1948 to a loving mother and father and two brothers. Lived in a log house until I was 5 years old. Acquired a sister when I was 5 years and 5 days old! Began walking to school through the woods and up a gravel road when I was 5 years old to Magnolia Elementary School which was located on my Grandfather Corley's homestead! Attended Nebo Elementary School, Graduated from Jena High School 1965,graduated several times from Northwestern State University of Louisiana,drafted during Viet Nam conflict,taught school in Lasalle Parish,Rapides Parish,Caddo Parish, and retired from Bossier Parish. Have been making game calls since retirement!