Membership for Callmakers shall be reserved to those individuals who have shown through their continuous efforts, dedication and commitment to the art and craft of game call making in such a manner which honors the rich history of Louisiana. Callmakers, are not assemblers of manufactured parts, but are craftsmen who engage in the time-honored history of making a game call, and its attendant parts, by hand to the greatest extent possible. Callmakers must either be born in Louisiana or currently reside there.

Membership for Collectors shall be granted to individuals who do not qualify as Callmakers who honor the articles, bylaws and rules of the organization.
Our organization recognizes two types of memberships: Callmakers and Call Collectors. We believe that if you are seriously committed to making duck calls and willing to pay your dues the way our ancestors did, you are a callmaker. Unlike many organizations, we do not have designations of classes within callmaking. Our belief is that you either make calls or you don’t. If you don’t we will gladly accept your membership as a Collector.