Phone: (318) 992-5398

How long making calls:
Over 60 Years

Influenced by:
Frank Corley

Working or Decorative calls:

Trade Name:
Catahoula Lake Duck Calls
Doyle Breland

I was born in 1934 near Jena, Louisiana, and was raised in that same small Catahoula Lake community of “Possum Point”. Some might even refer to me as a “river rat” since, as a young child, I lived in a houseboat for about three years on Little River. Over a sixty year period I have made more than three hundred duck calls, but still remember my first. I was only twelve years old and made that call under the watchful eye of my grandpa, Frank Corley. “We bored it out with a brace and bit, whittled it round with a pocket knife and the metal reed was made from the brass sheathing from an old Ford head gasket”.

Like most people, I got busy with work and family. Although now retired, I was a commercial fisherman running hoop nets, trammel nets and catfish traps. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that I got back to callmaking. I make Arkansas and Reelfoot style calls and favor black walnut, but use other local woods like elm and cedar.